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Introducing five business ideas of risk, starting with women or women at very low rates. These are products that are better marketable. Other features include lack of high technical know-how and lack of legal traits.

Amendments can be made to the local taste and nature. The sale of credit will be low. Once you have better revenue, you can invest in more investment. For further instructions and services, contact the department’s offices.

Cloth bags

Construction of fabricated bags is an entrepreneur that can taper well for tailoring ladies. Cloth bags are the most convenient bags used. Its market is now well developed. These bags are packed in the bag shops but do not get these bags on different sizes and designs. The design of the cloth bag is to design a variety of shapes and sizes. Well designed and easy to capture the market. Women can come home as self-employment ventures for women.

Bags can be made with thin and large fabrics. There are also bags carryable in a purse form. Open at a time and use it. The bags are sold out well through the shops. There are women who are directly concentrating on individuals and institutions. Polyester, which is available at very affordable prices, produces bags with banyan cloth and thick cotton cloth. Such clouts are also available in the open market. Bags can also be created using the root cloth.

Necessary investment required

1. Building: 250 sq. M. Feet
2. Tailor machines (motor driven modern machines) 2 nos
= 45,000.00
3. Cutting table, other tailoring tools, stool etc. = 15,000.00
Total = 60,000.00
Repetitive investment
1. The fabric is 10 days per day (Rs 240 m) (5 × 10x 240) = 1,20,000.00
2. For wages of Rs. 500 for three persons (3 × 500 ¬ 10) = 15,000.00
3. Stitching materials, packing materials etc. = 8000.00
4. Tea, cabling, transportation = 7000.00
Total = 1,50,000.00
E. Total Investment (A + A) = 2,10,000.00
U A day production of 10 bags (80 × 230 10s) = 1,84,000.00 (for various sizes) at the rate of 80 bags (Rs.
Shine 10 day profits (1,84,000 -1,50,000)
= 34,000.00
A Profit per month (25 days) = 85,000.00
The sale of 5 per cent (Rs. 4,250) is calculated monthly
Net profit (85,000-4,250) = 80,750.00 / –
(Cloth bags are sold at a price ranging from 50 to 500 rupees), from patches to bigger shoppers, with an average price of around 230.

Salted products

Saplid products are a good market in Kerala today. Even the pickles are sold and sold. Variety of varieties like mangoes, chewmanges, dry mangoes, turmeric, lemon, gooseberry, sour milk, nutritious, carrots, chambakku, amulega, garlic, carrots, chilli, kantharikkal, pepper sprigs and green chilli can be sold. This is a very profitable product. There is also the excellence of traditional products.

The products are collected directly from the farmers. Later, after being thoroughly washed out, the water is then deposited in hot water for plastic water. Then add salt and vinegar in a ratio of 10: 1. Built in 45-90 days and packs and sells. This is the construction method. When the extra days are, the benefit increases.

Selling of bakeries, hotels, supermarkets, fruit stalls, vegetable shops, school areas, shops near the liquor lounge will be sold well. If farmers try to do it directly, they can generate extra income with a large margin. It can be very easy for family business. It is good that credit-free sales will take place. The diversity of products, the preservation of preservatives and the construction of traditional styles, can be done well.

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