Business idea in Kerala

Sauda is a household owner of Thalassery Makkunnu Kariyat Mathitharampa in Minerva. In the end, looking at the ways to live, the radius was finally revealed in the poultry farming. More precisely, 17 years ago, various kinds of farming have been started for livelihood.

That was the beginning. Vale cultivation did not support Sauda, ​​which had a ten-sovereign gold pledge. The price dropped sharply, and the plants are infected with the virus.

In short, the loss of ten tons. Cow Planning for the next project. A good dairy farm and a good dairy farm with 55 cowpeakers and 900 liters of milk per day starting from two males. Along with that, it was also a hand-to-hand look at rabbits.

But there too the diaphragm gradually went down to the loss due to the hardship and timidity of the workers. In the end, all the cows were sold to the farm. After hatching the ban on budding, it is also locked. Finally turning to poultry. The poultry plantation started with the name of rural snake chickens. Anyway, rural-type chickens helped Sauda.

Today Sauda is the owner of the Egar nursery, which gives the Animal Husbandry Department a hundred lakh a year old chicken biscuits. This year, poultry farmers have been receiving all the money to buy a single place in the house and teach their daughter abroad to the home.

Sauda said the initiative, initiated by the 1000, RKVY scheme under the Egar Nursery Scheme, 500 1500 Gram Panchayat chicks, has been in the reach of lakhs of chicken in the short term due to the good quality of the chickens he distributes to the Department of Animal Husbandry.

There are a number of rural-sized chicks in the prescribed space at the time of the school poultry and animal husbandry department. It is currently distributed in Kannur and Kozhikode districts. At the age of five and a half months the egg begins to lay eggs at 180-200 in the first year.

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