How to Start a Small Shoe Business

Startup culture is waking up even in the veins of Kerala. Many of them have now become a passion for their own work without looking for jobs. Here are the introductions of five New Generational Business Ideas that will start with the lowest:

Virtual Restaurant
The business concept of receiving orders from websites and mobile apps has become a major success in the US and Europe. Such initiatives have been clicked in metro cities in India. But there is no green light in Kerala yet. The main reason is not to cooperate with restaurants. The other reasons are the lack of professional and delays in delivery of food. But open the possibility of a virtual restaurant in Kerala with its own centralized kitchen and limited menu. Web portal and mobile app can also be used to accept the order.

Cloud based software
Big companies A few years before the basic facilities were made, crores were invested. However, with the advent of internet connectivity in the near future, many companies have started their IT services. Infrastructures were transferred to Internet-based cloud computing. Only the big companies are making use of the cloud now. As the internet connectivity gets faster, even small-scale companies use cloud service. Many software vouchers (HR Payroll, CRM, Accounting) used today on desktop computers will soon be switched to the cloud. It opens up a big business opportunity. There are opportunities to be able to develop software and mobile applications running in the cloud. Cloud puts forward the idea that it can be used for a small rent without paying large amounts of software.

Online shopping store
The multi-brand, multi-category and multi-product online stores have become a big hit in India. This kind of initiative will be very hard to start. However, exclusive online stores exclusively for certain products have a good potential. There are examples of specialized online stores for newborn products, special type of toys, furniture, and art work.

Personalized Gift Portals
Today, personalized products are in demand for products. The market is not limited to printed tshirts and coffee mugs. Trends are now labeled as metal and wood inscribed and photo inserts. Engraving is possible today in pens, keychain, visiting card boxes, mobile cases, valalets, diaries, pen drives and photo frames. The big possibility for the business that engraves the wedding photo wood. Engraving machines are priced between Rs 4 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. The first step is to get these training and get training. Facebook page is also essential for a good web portal and promotion.

Content Writing
Companies now spend huge amounts of money on their products and services through social media platforms, website and blog, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The quality content will be able to focus on the readers, listeners, and viewers. A good inventory marketing company can be built if there is a good creative capability and a team of talented content developers. There is also a benefit of lower investment.

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