Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Children

Kilukkampetti not shake the music is a smart phone that pushes the children of the newborns. No one needs to teach them to be a smart phone before they can call it as alphabetically. But some parents suspect that modern electronic devices are like a pandora and box that is disturbed by stories in the story. Did the child give these things? Whether this will prevent the child’s folly. His happiness and friendship will always go to the precinct of the mobile device that he watches.

Why Tech Games?

Why these gadgets become toys for kids today? The main reason is that our new generation is technically so much ahead. The newborn phones, tablets, iPads, mobile phones and the pants that are on the other side look after me and downloaded ‘ But it is this fact that naked truth is the fact that we are in our homes.

The father and mother and the children in the house playing on the cell are naturally tech savvy. The second most important fact is that today’s paternal grandparents are about half an hour and are separated from the baby. Some of these ‘happy’ performances make you feel guilty of not sharing time with your baby. They do not think that it will be a big problem in the future.

The game is reduced

Let’s look at the issue of these gadgets. The most important problem is that the world of the child may stick to the screen of mobile or tablet. Different intelligible interpretations are needed for the child’s intellectual development. See what you hear and experience. The world of experiences is small, and they will have little knowledge of what they see in the world. The social skills, including solving problems, are limited to them in the future.

Videogame in the course of the study is a loss that leaves you out of the playing field. The game is played by the child’s primary social intervention. When he is deleted, he is socially lonely. Social forces like the facing triumph over the country are not going upside down. A haward study suggests that your brain’s activity can be improved.

Studies have shown that children who see most of the video videogame include suicide trends, and self-esteem (nursism). They have less fantastic capabilities. Spend screen time more than two hours regularly. 10-11 years old. A study conducted in 1000 children showed that psychological difficulties were widespread. Depression, anxiety. Among them were issues such as disturbance and behavioral problems.

I’m getting angry

There are some characteristics that do not match the real world in the behavior of children who are always in the real world. Stubbornness, excessive anger There are many such children in small things that can be scattered, even hurt themselves and even kill little infants.

Psychologists have pointed out that there is a huge increase in the number of children attaining their hands-on behaviors such as those who have been forced to buy the phone, who are bored at home and drowning in their favorite games.

An idea of ​​’I Paddy’ has evolved. This term refers to the noise that the children are showing when electronic equipment is taken away.

As soon as technology is aware of this awesome power, the iPad and Apple phones have not yet been sold to the iPad by Steve Jobs. “He said. Some time left for such devices.

Danger games

While older kids use social media, the child uses more games to play the game. The game. Maybe you feel bad. But there are videogames depicting people killing and torturing them. Such games can be shaped by angry and aggressive ones. Emotionally freezing. Before 12 years old, what is real and what is uncertainty is the lack of discernment. If the child playing a car game is on the road, do not be surprised at the pace of ‘go down and crush’. Children also have a tendency to imitate what they see on the screen.

Some psychiatrists think that cartoons are more dangerous than Videogames. There is no need to take great care to enjoy the cartoons that come out at noon. Most of the children who watch cartoons are likely to become less attentive.

Physical problems

Standing in front of the gadgets will hinder the natural condition of the body. If this continues then we will have problems with back pain, bowel pain, and bone disorder related problems

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