Easy hair removal can be prevented

Love for girlfriends is a public secret. She wants to have long hair, but it does not help her to prevent hair loss. For hairstyle first you need to do hair loss. Here are eight ways to prevent hair loss without any costs.

1. A great mass of pigeons

Painful Massage is the most effective way to prevent hair fall. Heat the coconut oil or olive oil well on the scalp and put it in hot water towel for a while. Apply the oil for an hour and rinse it with shampoo.

2. Be careful with your hair

When wet, hair will be cut off easily. So once the bath is done, try to dry the hair properly. At the towel, the soil should be drained. Otherwise the hair will suddenly crack and fall off. Hair dryer also increases hair loss.

3. There is also a lot in the lottery

Do not think that hair is just a cuff. Chaplin has an important role in hair loss. After bathing, use the right comb. Instead of using a sleeveless sheet, you can use a coupling chain.

4. Be careful with the style

Do you want to cut and stretch hair to become stylish when you go to party? But the health of the hair is susceptible to that. These are fashionable look that can affect the hair loss even if it is not. Do not forget to style it anymore, but do not forget to care for oil, shampoo and even cosmetic care.

5. Green tea is not just for drinking

Green tea is good for not only for the preservation of body but also for treating your hair. Antioxidants contained in green tea can prevent the hair from splitting. Two green tea bags can be boiled in water. Wash it off and then wash it off for an hour and then rinse it off.

6. Conditioning is essential

There is also a bigger role in the products you use for hair care. Conditioning is essential for hair loss and prevention of hair loss.

7. Diet and Diet

When you are tired of becoming tired, do not forget about the hair. Your hair will increase only when you remove the food to reduce your bunch. Make healthy and nutritious food.

8. Lifestyle can also be changed

Whether you are a lifestyle or a lifestyle that you feel is stressful. But hair growth is only going to increase. Depression is one of the main causes of hair fall. Take a joyful and peaceful way of life and look at the hair fall into the hair.

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