Will your phone give you cancer?

Will phones, especially smart phones, cause cancer? So, they indicate that they do not. Researchers say radiation emission is not a factor in the loss of DNA. However, the current knowledge of smartphones and cancer is that direct connection to cancer smartphones has not yet been found. And yet. This is the key. Phones are known as cancer. Radiation from these can not be enough to cut DNA

But the main question now is how much radiation from your phone is. Each electronic device produces a small amount of ionized radiation around a few REMS. The amount of body absorbed within a period of time is known as SAR Value i.e Specific absorption rate (SAR). Simply put, you need to find out its SAR value to know how much radiation your phone emits.

What is SAR?
When electromagnetic waves are received and transferred, a loss of some percentage will occur. These lost students will absorb the cells. SAR value is the rate of absorption of electromagnetic waves on the body. The phones have radio transmitters and receiver for running on the wireless network. Thus they issue radio waves, which are astronomical. As mentioned earlier, the intensity of these radio waves is thought to disturb them.

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