We need to remove money on highway

We need to remove money on highway, road development projects, modernization of railways, extension, rural sanitation projects, drinking water, primary health and education. The amount of money that goes for this has increased. Where can the government get the money? “Asked Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

Reasonable question. For all the people.

The Minister was addressing a high level of unrest in public for the price of petrol by Rs.7 per liter in the months of July and August. Petrol and diesel prices are now the highest in three years. Petrol price in Delhi was today Rs 70.38 and diesel at Rs 58.72. The price of petrol in Mumbai is close to Rs 80, according to the Malayala Manorama. The price of petrol in Kerala was Rs 73.04 per liter and diesel Rs 62.74 per liter. In Thiruvananthapuram it is priced at Rs 74.22 and Rs 64.85, respectively.

This was the first time Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country when the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees was withdrawn. All for the country; People will have to suffer. Let’s fight for us. But when it came to the calculation of the black money that came back, it was all just a rhetoric.

The fuel price revision system was implemented in the country on June 16th. The Times of India reports that Pradhan yesterday made it clear that he will not be indefinitely from these reforms.

At the same time, the oil price is not changing in the international crude oil prices.

Asked whether he would change the excise duty of the fuel, the minister said the Finance Ministry had to decide what to decide. There was also a need to walk. The fuel price should be brought under the GST.

The tax revenue from the fuel for the year 2014-15 was Rs 99,000 crore, or Rs 2,42,000 crore by 2016-17. Increase in excess of double. So the Finance Department is not likely to try to cut this tree-cutting tree.

Then oil companies will be regulated. The oil companies did not make any intervention in the operation of the company.

The minister said that this is only a temporary phenomenon, because he was hit by a US storm. “13% refineries have been closed due to cyclone storms in America. This has affected crude oil prices, “says Mathrubhumi.

Even though prices began to fall in the first days of the day, they started “from July 1. The increase of ten and fifteen pounds per day never came to the notice of the people. However, the protests have been tightening, as revealed by the fact that it was around two months to be written together, “the Malayala Manorama reports.

But the Malayala Manorama report does not exist only on the issue of who the protest is.

“Even if the price of petrol was more than Rs 3, opposition parties and people would go down the street with protesters. The hike in the hike in half of the fuel prices is not too long, “he told reporters at a press conference here.

However, the opposition parties are silly in this regard. As in many things.

The economist, economist named ‘Fire to fuel by fire’ Mary has published an article by George. Mary George alleged that the first NDA government in 2002 had dismantled the oil account balance sheet launched by the central government in 1972. In the first phase, the government was forced to leave the markets. The reason then was that the international price of the fuel would be reduced or decreased.

But for the 2016 crude oil price crash, 115 per cent fell to $ 38, but it was only ten to fifteen percent in India, Mary George said.

Who is to be known by the fuel price, but only before the people? The government or the oil companies?

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