LPG covers can be burnt in the film instead

If LPG covers can be burnt in the film instead of a big cannon or mache?
Mash: Never.
Even if we try, LPG covers are a bit short of a break.
In James Bond’s Casino Royale, there is a scene in which LPG picks break up with a 9mm rifle, and once a TV channel has rebuilt a scene from the LPG kit with a 9mm rifle, but it did not break with the 9mm bullet pile. The gas was used when they tried using the gun Urri able to break, but it was still peattittericcilla pins.
Again, another shot was shot and shot. But still the pistol did not break. !
But sometimes we find news that LPG cops are explosive.
If gas leakage or letter is placed somewhere, it’s enough gas explosion to blow up and celebrate the media 🙂 In fact, gas may not have exploded. The leak will be swell or faint.
Lata: Then the LPG gas pump burst?
Mash: Usually LPG gas pump does not burst. Breaking can be a lot of crimes used for welding.
Meera: The reason behind the failure of LPG gas stabilization?
Mash: One reason is that the pressure relief valve that has an LPG gas pump.
Gas junkies have been used for about 100 years. Gas industry enthusiasts have made a lot of research on this from today’s observations and studies. They pay a lot for people’s safety. That’s how the two gas valves on LPG gas poles. We see in addition to a valve and the other is inside it. (Picture)
For another reason, LPG gas is not burning.
Oxygen is also needed for gas. That’s why the fire does not get burnt inside the gas.
Gas .. It comes out of the stomach and leaves it alone with oxygen.
But the crackers are not so. The gunpowder does not need oxygen in the air. The oxygen is essential to the skin at the gun. But oxygen in the air will be too high for LPG gas.
Now the LPG gas pipe is lying on the fire and the cushion press release from the inner valley. The pressure will be reduced. Reduce the pressure, and lower the risk of LPG gas pulse. But if the gas pump is on the “good fire,” the valve’s activity may not be enough and the gas will evaporate and explode. But gasoline should be lit in the fire for a while. In the sun or on the fire, the valve will be burned and the fire will not burst into a gas pumped gasoline on the gas pumped road.
Raju: Where is the light shed open the gas pole?
MASH: Still the gas pump does not explode. Instead, the gas that pushes out of it leaves only the letter. The pistol does not explode. A good example of driving a pressure relief valve works.
Lata: So what do you see in the news or mache?
MASH: It’s a gas bottle or a gas pipeline lease for a single bedroom full of gas and the gas will be burned up. It’s not a break. Earlier, most of the brutal crimes would be welded gas crimes.
To avoid this, gas fines are kept in the open. If gas is leaky, the atmosphere will be dissolved.
Mash: What’s interesting is that if we open the cover of a gas jar and burn it directly to the valve, it does not hurt even if the gas coming out of the valve will burn from there. Gas gas is cold because gas exit gas exhausts, and the outer layer of ice is formed

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