You Can Now Check Train Status on WhatsApp

Now you know the train time in WhatsApp . IRCTC has initiated a plan to get information on train travel information through WhatsApp. The service is available in Indian Railways. The IRCTC has made such a move because a large section of the passengers are using whatsapp.

With this, passengers do not have to rely on various applications and websites to know the train. You can come to know where the train is, wherever it is running, how long the train has started and how many times.

For this you will need to update the latest version of WhatsApp from Google’s Android App Store or iPhone App Store. Save me on 07349389104 and get the WhatsApp number on mobile.

Then please refresh the WhatsApp contact list and ensure that this number is available. Take the Tour of My Travel Trip. Please send train number to know live train status. Similarly if you want to know your booking status, you need to give your PNR number. Make my trip to your booking status.

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